3ª Cumbre de la Comunidad Política Europea

2 Oct

Camino Ocaña nos habla sobre la Cumbre Europea.
A lot has changed since this picture was taking at Granada Congress & Exhibition Centre during the European Space Agency Council Meeting in 1992. However, we are going to be replicating this installation for next week’s double European Summit. Some of the biggest changes since 1992’s Council Meeting and next week's European Summit, are that next week’s event is going to be much more technology-reliant, transmitted worldwide, and with a wider focus on security and cybersecurity.
What hasn’t changed, however, is the enthusiasm, professionalism, and expertise with which we work here at Granada Congress & Exhibition Centre, qualities which remains a constant throughout the years!
To make the 3rd European Political Community (CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies)) Summit a truly tailored event, 500 square metres are going to be transformed: removing 500 seats, installing a large curtain divider and tables in a rectangular layout for the European Heads of State. Around this layout, eighteen simultaneous translation booths will also be installed.
In addition to this, on the Summit’s second day, October 6th, we are hosting the Council of the European Union’s Informal Meeting of Heads of State or Government. For this day, the previous layout will be removed, and in its place a large oval table for 30 people will be installed.
During both days, Floor -3 will be the Press Area: 2,000 square metres set up for a thousand journalist, their technical systems, and worldwide broadcast of the Summit.
All of this is already in the works, as we approach the final days to welcome the European Political Community EU2023ES!